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EB-3Skilled workers (EB-31)

  • Full-time Job Offer must require two years of training or experience
  • Proof of education, training or experience in related area
  • No qualified U.S. workers are available to perform the job
  • Labor Certification is required
  • Prevailing wage must be paid

 eb-3Professional (EB-32)

  • Full Time Job offer that requires at least a baccalaureate degree
  • Applicant must possess such degree (experience cannot count towards degree)
  • Prevailing wage must be offered
  • The alien must be a member of a profession
  • No qualified U.S. workers are available to perform the job

EB-3Unskilled worker (EB-33)

  • Have an approved I-140
  • Labor Certification
  • Job requires less than two years of training or experience
  • Need to show that there are no qualified US workers for this position.

Job certification determines if the job is skilled or unskilled. It is a long wait for unskilled workers. Only 10,000 visas are available each year.

  All applicants for EB-3 visa category should check on the regular basis Visa Bulletin to see if the numbers for EB-3 category are current. There are two separate lines for skilled workers and professionals, and "other workers."

EB-32Nurses and Physical Therapists

Because of the shortage of Nurses and Physical Therapists in the U.S., a registered nurse or a physical therapist who is coming to the U.S. to work in certain health care occupations may apply directly for Permanent Residency Status (Green Card.)

Our Green Card Lawyer have successfully completed EB-3 Green Card cases for professionals in a wide range of industries including real estate, IT, healthcare, retail, hospitality, finance and more. Our immigration lawyers assist business with mandatory documentation and qualifications under the EB-3 program and offer extensive services and consolations.

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